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Scottish Premier League Odds

  Posted By scooterbhoy
The Scottish Premier League is also known as the Premier League of Clydesdale Bank because Clydesdale Bank sponsors the league. This is sometimes referred to as "Premier League" or SPL. This is a professional championship for top-level Scottish football clubs. The Scottish Premier League ranks tenth in the UEFA rankings - it is based on the performance of clubs that are members of European competitions. Check out the latest Scottish PL odds.

Since its emergence in 1998, a total of 17 football clubs competed in the League, but only two of them won the championship title, are six times Celtic and Rangers four times. Celtic and Rangers are the best performing clubs in this league as most of the times they get the chance to participate in various European competitions such as Europa league as well as competing for UEFA champions league spots.

The Scottish League system consists of four leagues, the Scottish Premier League, the First Division, the 2nd Division, and the Third Division. The foundation of the Scottish Premier League happened in the previous example of England, where a similar Premier League was created. The decision to follow this example was motivated by the desire of high-level clubs to keep most of the game's earnings. Prior to the founding of the SPL, sponsorship money was distributed proportionately to clubs in all divisions of football. After the founding of the Premier League, this is no longer the case, and now they receive a large portion of the income, partly due to better television programs.

In the SPL, there are twelve teams that play in a divided way during the season. This means that each team plays three times on a team - whether in the home and away games, in a home game or in two games, totaling thirty-three games per team. The division is then split into six top teams and six under-fives, who will have five more games against other teams in their own half of the league. As a result, the total number of games played by each team reaches 38 games. This means that the seventh championship (teams at the top of the second half of the league) scored many more points than the finished teams because the teams of the highest team are often harder to win in the fifth and six singles of the last five games,

Points are earned during the season following the principle of winning /draw/defeat, three points per win, one point for draw and no point for a lost game. These points determine the league position for the first half of the season and then every half for the second half of the season. The team that leads the table at the end of the season wins the championship. The team at the end of the table is transferred to the Scottish First Division and the Scottish 1st Division team in the Premier League. Sometimes the team is not satisfied at the top of the first Scottish Division criteria for their stadium, and in this case, some clubs miss promotion due to the poor condition of their stadiums.

Monday, January 21, 2019

come on you Euro Championships 2016
  Posted By scooterbhoy
Uefa, European football's governing body, had encouraged Wales to enter a joint bid with Scotland and Ireland.

Former Scottish FA chief executive David Taylor had ruled out a triple bid from the Celtic nations, but a proposal with one partner may yet be considered.

FAW secretary David Collins said: "At this moment in time we are floating the idea with Scotland."

Wales are encouraged by Wednesday's decision to give the Euro 2012 tournament to Poland and the Ukraine at a meeting which was held in Cardiff.

"It's raised the issue for us that there's the possibility of Wales and Scotland getting together to make a joint bid," Collins told BBC Wales.

"We will start talking with the Scottish FA to see if they feel they could join with us and hopefully in the next few months we will have a clearer idea.

"Then we could get the Scottish parliament and the Welsh assembly government to see if we could move forward to put a bid together."

Collins has been considering a potential joint bid with Scotland for some time, after telling told BBC Sport last December that he was exploring such a move and then outlining further plans last month.

A bid to host the 2008 European Championship finals was abandoned in 2002 when Scotland instead chose to partner the Republic of Ireland, only to be unsuccessful.

All bids must have eight stadiums with at least 30,000 seats and Wales were hampered by having just one stadium that met Uefa's guidelines - the 74,500-seater Millennium Stadium.

That could change with the planned new stadium for Cardiff City, and Collins says the FAW will look into the possibility of developing Swansea's Liberty Stadium and Wrexham's Racecourse Ground.

That would give Wales the necessary four stadia to pull their weight with the Scots, who boast a number of top grounds including Hampden Park, Celtic Park, Ibrox and Murrayfield.

However, Uefa is looking at the possibility of expanding the finals to include 24 rather than the current 16 teams, which could require further stadia.

Taylor ended his spell as the SFA chief at the beginning of April to take up the post of Uefa general secretary.

An SFA spokesman responded to Collins' comments by saying: "We have had no formal approach from the Welsh FA."

Thursday, December 13, 2007

  Posted By scooterbhoy
an anti football style which involves getting as many cluggers on a pitch at the one time as possible, and throwing away a place in the knockout stages whilst knowing you only need 2 points from 4 Champions League games!



Thursday, December 13, 2007

Fortress Paradise 2-1 against Donetsk
  Posted By scooterbhoy
so here again we were in the champions league, playing against another team built of millionaires.

Mr Strachan in my opinion made too much of an announcement saying we would hate an early goal as it would hurt us. I thought this would be a come on to their player Brandau, who has damaged us before.....

Bang..6 minutes in and he has made his point! 1 nil to the visitors! I couldn't believe what i saw as John Kennedy lost the plan, but they were in the zone, John had softened a ball and accidentally laid it off to a player who loved it..Brandou and his little johnny come lately fans who have money club fans must have loved it. cos there was no noise at paradise, audiable.

We lost Lee Naylor and Kennedy to injury, a worrying prospect as we watched Kennedy reach instantly for his knee as he collapsed...but Jiri Jarosik around the halfway mark woke up and started to play like Celtic fans had always imagined. Showing tha belief with a goal in an exciting equaliser just before half time.

This wa Celtic with the old famous fight to the endmentality. I was getting what my mum calls squeeky bum. McGeady feeds in many crosses and in the last minute Donati turned the ball home via a deflection in stoppage time. 2=1 to the Hoops..fortress Paradise remains mofos

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

England and oor old manager
  Posted By scooterbhoy
Martin O'Neill joined the throng of popular managers to say he would not be considered for the new English vacancy.... probably down to the way he was treated before upon applying for the position,,,,and come on ... to you publicists...to suggest Shearer is a laugh!!!!!! CV please... we had this with oor alleged dream team of John (no experience) Barnes and Kenny (nae money by the way) Dalgleish
Sunday, November 25, 2007

we beat the sheep 3 nil
  Posted By scooterbhoy
so we keep the clean record at Celtic Park alive. Dex an 2 of his sons were there..am at the Saint Mirren game masel in 2 weekends

Celtic eased to victory over the diabolical Dons to retain the three-point lead in the Scottish Premier League.

Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink headed home after Aberdeen failed to clear a Scott Brown corner after 12 minutes.

Aiden McGeady fired in a lovely second from 20 yards after 26 minutes and the lead increased early in the second half.

Scott McDonald pushed home a third after Dons goalkeeper Jamie Langfield allowed the ball to slip from his grasp after blocking the striker's cross.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Humbled by the Hoops DVD
  Posted By scooterbhoy
Bought this today in Cardiff and I have to say, its made magic entertainment watching. As you may know, its all about us scoring, and winning Old Firm games. I personally hate the phrase "Old Firm" as to me nowadays, I dont need them thank you, we are firm enough ourselves. Throughout the film you will notice how much of Ibrox we used to get when the Murray Millions weren't there. Mind you,its 2 seasons of no silverware for them, it can happen again as we grow. supporters clubs with "Loyal" at the end? hahaha...seen them fold annually!

The early stuff like the 7-1 gubbing of rangers is quality bit of film any tim will enjoy, its a shame we never had this coverage in the previous 50 odd years.

Skipping through wee bits, then of course there was 10 men winning the league in the spectacular 4-2 game, which was never officially filmed but... where there is a will.... Something that used to drive Johnny Doyle up the wall as he was the one sent off, bless him. Classic footage all of it.

But its not until we get to my era from somewhere around the late 70's and 80's that i really get into it. Is not a case of not remembering our history, its just more poignant to watch games I attended or was alive during. Its funny to listen to the fans chants also....

My time, well, I get to see goals by Paul Byrne and Malky Mackay, blasts from the past. I get to see an old near neighbour Anton Rogan, who I spent a great night in the Macdonald Thistle hotel bar with(and Chris Morris, who was 10/10), scoring against them. I hear them talk about the "youngster" Shaun Maloney and then see him grow into a regular Celtic player with one of the finest goals ever recorded in British football. I get to watch Peter Grant bless himself as he leads Terry Butcher to an own goal and Marko Viduka look like a knob as he tries to work out how to do it after his first goal. It would be worse these days bhoys, as the polis would charge you for it haha... Wonder what the charge is for a poor sign of the cross in Glasgow?...anyway...

I also get a chance to grin at rangers player Craig Moore scoring for us, but even more funny, Terry Butcher getting 2 for Celtic. The memories linger long. I get to see Lubo score a double on his derby debut and look utterly shocked at the noise from the stands, then to see him go nuts a few seasons on when he realises what these goals mean.

Finally I get to see the old memory of Henrik Larsson running away after that famous 6-2 game final goal for him, dreadlocks and a tongue sticking out...world class? You better believe it. My only moan is that it jumped back and forward between the years and games. At least it had chapters unlike the John Hartson DVD, which let it down. Its full of nostalgia any Celtic, no any football fan, will want in their collection. Makes me think, when will Henrik bring out a book about his life?

I got mine in HMV Cardiff, �15. or ye can get it posted from scooterboy@clticdragons.co.uk This is a video Stefan Klos will not like watching...he looks humbled constantly...

buy it. Its wonderful
Thursday, November 8, 2007

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